Specialty Contact Lens Center

The Specialty Contact Lens Center is here! Now at Omni Eye Specialists!  At our Eye Care Center, we are delivering the most advance care in the eye care business.  Now open- is our specialized Contact Lens Center. This Specialty Contact Lens Center combined with our Dry Eye Center of the Carolinas brings to Southeastern North Carolina the finest of Ophthalmic Vision.  We are delivering the best specialty centers for those patients who feel they have no were to go.  Now, you do- the answer is our newly developed eye care centers.  Below, outlines what we do and how we do it!

Reclaim your world, your sight, your everything.....at Omni Eye Specialists

Reclaim your world, your sight, your everything.....at Omni Eye Specialists

Specialty contact lenses and dry Eye

Relief is here for those who suffer from Dry Eyes and for those who suffer from Dry Eyes and want to wear Contacts.  Also relief is here for those who thought due to the curvature of their eye/compromised Corneas, they have been told, they could never wear contacts.  No worries, we have a vision and the vision is our new division of Specialty Eye Care, now, at Omni Eye Specialists we offer to you, the new Specialty Contact Lens Center!  Together,with our Dry Eye Care Center of the Carolinas,  we deliver advance eye care for relief of Dry Eye  and the optimal vision care.

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What is a hybrid contact lens?

A hybrid contact lens offers the "best of both worlds" for everyday patients , as well as for patients with compromised corneas.  These lenses deliver clear, crisp vision.  The crisp vision comes from the GP (Gas Perm) center and the comfort comes from the soft material that surrounds the GP center.

Contacts and Dry Eye.....never again!

Contacts and Dry Eye.....never again!

How does this help me?

*Clear Vision and Comfort- the design of these lenses offers all-day wear due to continuous flow of tears underneath the lens during the day.

*Hassle-Free Wear-Reduce the hassles in your life.  The size of the contact is familiar, similar to soft contacts, easy to handle.  The soft part of the lens holds the lens in your eye and keep debris out!

*Sun Protection- has UVA and UVB blockers, protects against damaging sun to your eye.

*Healthy and Refreshing- The advance design, fitted by our highly trained eye doctors, offers a healthy flow of tears to circulate under the lens

Dr. Treece- Contact lens specialist

   Dr. Treece brings to our new Specialty Contact Lens Center an advance level of training specializing in problematic corneas and dry eyes related to contact lens wear.  She brings to our center along with Dr. Schmidt and his advance training in Dry Eye techniques an incredible amount of education to get our patients in the contacts they need for all-day relief and comfort from contact lens wear and Dry Eye Syndrome.

Dr. Treece believes that as a doctor, she should strive to constantly improve her skills and provide the most advance care for our patients.  She is energized by working in an environment that changes lives daily.  She works in an environment where she changes her patients from discomfort of ocular surface disease and dry eye through the most advance technology of specialty lenses.  It brings a smile to her face to see how the patients lives are changed and improved.  They can begin to live again and do the activities they have wanted to accomplish but had limitations due to their vision.  Here at Omni Eye Specialists, our doctors are committed to practicing  at the highest level of care possible.