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Sports Vision....everything you need to know to see the ball better!


What you need to know about sports vision and contact lenses…


Whether it’s professional football or the occasional tennis match with friends, people that need corrective lenses find these activities challenging.   More than half of American adults have vision issues and need some sort of corrective lenses.  Many of these people choose contact lenses over glasses due to the competitive advantages they offer.


Contact lenses offer better peripheral vision with an unobstructed field of view.  Eyeglass frames can block your peripheral view and glasses can cause some peripheral distortion, especially with higher prescriptions.  Without this hindrance when wearing contact lenses, reaction times are faster making the athlete more effective and efficient.


Contact lenses provide the athlete with stable vision.  Eyeglasses can slide down or even get knocked off during a game causing blurry vision.  There is no need to worry about that with contact lenses.  Also, contact lenses do not fog up when playing in cold weather or in the rain.  They provide clear, comfortable vision throughout the activity.


Are you an athlete?  We’d be happy to help provide you with the best possible vision for your sport.  Come see us for your custom contact lens fit today!