Blue light maybe pretty to look at but is damaging to our eyes!

What is Blue Light? And is it the same as UV light?

Blue light is the light wave found at 390-500nm. It is known as high-energy visible light.  These wave lengths are extremely damaging to the eyes.  We all know that UV light is ultra violet light that causes damage to our biological tissues, such as our skin and eyes.  But, did you know that Blue light is more damaging to the eye because it is the light that passes through the eye and reaches our Retina.  Where UV light does damage to the surface of the eye, blue light travels through the eye and does irreversible damage to the Retina.

This level of damage causes Photoretinitis and Macular Degeneration.  Both are extremely damaging to your eye and can cause blindness.

So I ask everyone one question....You protect your skin from damaging UV light, why do you not protect your eyes?

Blue light does not stop with the Sun.  Blue light plays a huge role with indoor light too.  All of our new economical bulbs to save energy are slowly damaging our eye sight.  The new LED bulbs and energy saving bulbs all emit blue light causing  damage to the eyes.

Blue light also plays a huge role with our electronic devices.  Yes, you know, the devices you let your child stay on a large part of their day.  That is computer screens, gaming devices, iPads, and of course our smartphones.  All of these devices emit blue light rays.

With this knowledge, it should be a slam dunk that the next time you go to your Eye Doctor, you should inquire about putting UV light and blue light on both your indoor prescription and your outdoor prescription.  To guard against all damaging outdoor sun rays, your sunglasses, should have a prescription blended polarized lens with UV protection and blue light protection.  All of this will guard against cataracts, macular degeneration, Photoretinitis and Inflammation of the Conductiva and Cornea (which are painful)

Please call our office to find out more about how we can protect the health of your eyes!