March is....Workplace Eye Health Observance Month


March 18, 2016

Everyday at work and school we are exposed to technology that can wreak havoc on our eyes.   Computers,  small digital devices and power tools all wreak havoc on our eyes and long term exposure can cause damaging, irreversible effects.  

What can we do to protect our sight?

1.  Have your eye doctor prescribe a second pair of lenses for computer use only.  These lenses will reduce eye fatigue and eye strain, allowing the eye to not over work .  Long term eye fatigue can decrease your vision.

2.  All lenses should have blue light protection on the lens themselves.  We have all heard about UV rays but what about blue light?  This is the light spectrum that occurs at 400 nano degrees of the light spectrum.  It is also emitted from computers and small digital devices such as phones, gaming devices, iPads, etc. This light is extremely damaging to your Retina.  Exposure to this light has been directly linked to Macular Degeneration and Cataracts.  Ask for blue light protection and protect your children and your self.

3.  Polarized lenses- everyone should own a good quality pair.  Polarized lenses are the only lenses that will protect against surface glare, which is extremely damaging to the eye.

4.  Goggles-  prescription or non-prescription goggles with polycarbonate lenses will guard against debris and chemical spills to the eye.

Whether it is the work place , home or the outdoors, protect your eyes against the harsh damaging rays of the sun, of small digital devices, and/or power tools. .  The gift of vision is irreplaceable.  It is worth the investment of this new technology to protect your eyes everyday.