Exciting News for Dry Eye Sufferers!

For years patients who suffer from dry eye have been told that there is not much that can be done besides eyedrops. However in the past year some exciting new options are available to these patients. The Dry Eye Center of The Carolinas, a new department within Omni Eye Specialists, has been pioneering new procedures to help alleviate the suffering that comes with dry eye. These procedures include probing of the meibomian glands, microblepharoexfoliation (BlephEx), heating and massaging the glands with a special instrument (MeiboFlo) or using special eyedrops created from the patient’s own blood (autologous serum), These various procedures are available on Wilmington only at Omni Eye Specialists. The Dry Eye Center of The Carolinas is the only facility in southeastern North Carolina that has the expertise, training and equipment to perform these special procedures. If you suffer from dry eye call Omni Eye Specialists and ask for a dry eye consult.