Bifocals: Can I forgo my eyeglasses for Contact Lenses?

The thought of crossing over into the world of bifocal glasses can be a difficult one. As the fortieth birthday draws near, adjusting between near and distance vision often becomes tough. This can make routine tasks such as computer work, reading a menu, or looking at your phone a chore. This difficulty can often lead to eye strain, end of day fatigue, and headaches. You can quickly tire of putting glasses on an off and of hunting for misplaced glasses. 

Multifocal or bifocal contact lenses are a viable option for people with active lifestyles, people looking to get rid of over the counter reading glasses, or those looking for an alternative to bifocal glasses. Bifocal contact lenses can provide excellent distance, computer, and near vision without the hassle of full time glasses. No matter how high your prescription, or how high your astigmatism may be, contacts that provide good distance as well as near vision may improve your lifestyle. As we head into the warm months of the year, don’t battle with glasses sliding down your nose, or with continuously cleaning your glasses. Visit Omni Eye Specialists to explore the option of spending your summer without prescription glasses.