Each year more than 250,000 children are treated at hospitals for toy-related injuries. Most of these injuries affect children under the age of 15.   More than half of these toy  injuries happen to  the face.  December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month, Friends for Sight encourages parents to be aware of the toys, and the potential dangers of toys given to their children.

With so many toys being delivered on Christmas day, along with the excitement of the Holiday, it is in your best interest to be ever vigilant with your child and their toys.  Be aware of what your child is placing in their hands, choose toys that are age appropriate and ability appropriate.  Until your child is used to the toy, supervise the use of the toy, so to prevent an eye injury. 

Stay vigilant, but proactive and continue reading our blog section to see the steps you should take, if your child should encounter an eye injury this holiday season.  Stay tuned and Happy Holidays from our staff to your safe household!